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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For me success is not an option, it's a must!

Many entrepreneurs say

But are they ready to do what it takes to be successful?  Are they ready to hear from many, including family and friends, "That will never work" or "That's funny", or "Don't you think it's time to give up?"  It's not that these people don't love or care for you, THEY are just scared that you will fail.  Just because THEY are scared doesn't mean it's not going to work out.

And if it doesn't work out? Try again!  NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!  If you do give up, you will spend the rest of your life wondering WHAT IF, and worse than that, you will be stuck right where you are for the rest of your life.  Now, that is a waste of a life!


  1. Great inspiration! A friend once told me years ago, "Never let the sight of others determine your vision"...I still look to that statement for encouragement to this day!